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Nil vs Null

In Java the most “popular” error is java.lang.NullPointerException. The problem is so pervasive, so bad, that there are even things like java.util.Optional and The purpose (insofar as I understand it) is to get callers of methods to actually check if something was returned by a method call. The problem is that every object variable (any variable that is not a for a primitive type) in Java is actually a reference, that is, a pointer.

Stupid simple go code "generation"

One of the most common complaints, if not the #1 complaint, about go is its lack of generics. Generics can be extremely powerful, and very helpful in reducing copy/paste/hack coding. Generics can also lead to very confusing/abstract code. What go does offer to mitigate the headache of managing boilerplate code is go generate. Go’s code generator facility allows a programmer to write any program they like to generate any code they like.

How Many Cans

I did a post somewhere a while back about how many cans fit in various bags, along with a screenshot of a spreadsheet. I’ve now added some more bags to my collection, and created a google spreadsheet with the the stats. Here’s the summary: Cans Bag 27 Tom Bihn Synapse 19 34 Northface Diad Pro 22 38 Chrome Citizen 39 Chrome Bravo 2.